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Past Projects

 K–12 Education
Solution Tree Press

Aligning School Districts as PLCs, by Mark Van Clay, Perry Soldwedel, and Thomas W. Many

Boys in Poverty: A Framework for Understanding Dropout, by Ruby Payne and Paul Slocumb

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Focused Instruction and Focused Assessment, by Gwen Doty

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Leading a Learning Organization: The Science of Working With Others, by Casey Reason

Leading With Trust,: How to Build Strong School Teams, by Sue Stephenson

Mastering Digital Literacy and Leading the New Literacies, series editor, Heidi Hayes Jacobs

Redefining Fair: How to Plan, Assess, and Grade for Excellency in Mixed-Ability Classrooms, by Damian Cooper

RTI & Differentiated Reading in the K–8 Classroom, by William N. Bender and Laura Waller; Teaching Students to Think Like Scientists, by Maria C. Grant, Douglas Fisher, and Diane Lapp

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What Principals Need to Know About Teaching and Learning Writing, by Ruth Culham

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Mobile Learning Devices, by Kipp D. Rogers



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The Cyclops Revenge, by David Perry, Pettigrew.